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Who We Are:
Digital Strategists to SMBs w/ $300k+ 
in annual revenue.

Equity or Fee based engagements


Event space leasing and consulting is our secret weapon!

Lets uncover the event space acquisition/sublease revenue your small business is leaving on the table

                                  A True End to End Solution...


"We help small, BIPOC business revamp their digital presence with intention and focus. In todays "mid-pandemic" economy traditional we offer approachable and specific strategy to grow your digital brand and enhance your image.

   We do this by updating/modernizing your website language (who is your client?) to read well and convey a professional, articulate  message so your ITC (ideal target client) finds you because you sound familiar as a trusted authority                                                            

                                                      Brian Burnett-Creative Director

Young Designer

Working with Brian has been truly game changing. Im a natural hair products  designer and us nerds don't know about the world of website design/copy. My journey began with consulting about how my website sounded-it was rough.

It read the way "I spoke" and that's not the kind of verbal shorthand my clients communicate with. Because of Brian and team, I've made great personal relationships, found my confidence, and now interviewing with a potential international firm as a new vendor of record (I picked that up from him)-I see my company in a different light.

Our next step is to use creative financing to purchase a commercial space and lease it out during graduation season for dinners! This will enable me to start small in real estate investing and create a lead generator for my products!


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